Monday, November 2, 2009

Digital Thingz.

There's a shitload of good music that can be found within the shared libraries of iTunes.

SMALL BLACK - If you're into the lo-fi pop jamz that it seems almost every artist is making, then you'll certainly like Small Black. They're like Neon Indian and Washed Out. Greater than Washed Out and not as good as Neon Indian. Mike Gildersleeve of outerlibrary discovered these wonderful pop jamz long before anyone else did.

Golden Silvers - I keep telling you how awesome Golden Silvers is. Maybe you unconvinced. If you like dancey, very well produced pop jamz made by beautiful English boys, check them out!

The Almighty Defenders are pretty rad and definitely very under appreciated at WUSBee. If you liked the latest Black Lips record or King Khan & BBQ, you will definitely, without a doubt, love this record because they are the Almighty Defenders! Do it. Listen to this! Here's the entire album:

Candy Claws are a band from Colorado that are pretty fucking awesome. Maybe if you like Ganglians, Holiday Shores, Woods and other things along those lines, you would enjoy Candy Claws. They're awesome and you should play them, especially if you're mixtape radio or outerlibrary or BRO BILL!

Turtle Ambulance - We have two Turtle Ambulance singles and you should play them if you like Truman Peyote, Netherfriends, or Fool's Gold.

More to be added to this post. I have to pee / go to class. RIP BIGGIE.

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